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Ready to pull the trigger on your wedding day florals? Hold the iPhone… and review your options so that you can make the most out of your budget for botanicals.

By Sally Meyer

Your wedding flowers are a big decision for the big day. They’re the decorative superstar that really drives home your theme and color scheme—and brings the romance. So who do you entrust to the organic elements? First things first… Get together with your betrothed and hammer out your wedding budget so you know what you can devote to bouquets, boutonnieres and beyond. Your budget will determine how big you can go with your big day florals. Then, consider the following factors before vetting floral stylists whose work has caught your eye.


Your flowers should coordinate with the rest of your decorative decisions for the wedding, so getting your ducks in a row is a good idea. First, think about what made you fall in love with your wedding location. Did you opt for a super modern museum wedding or a rustic barn reception for your special fete? Start there. Oftentimes your location is the impetus for your overall theme. Next, settle on a color scheme and keep it to two colors. Your floral designer can bring depth and dimension with shades of color later, but they’ll need a jumping off point. Also, if you can make your linen selections in advance, share those with your florist, too, so they can build upon the hues and textures without going overboard.


If you’re working with a big budget, more is more when it comes to layering in botanic magic. But smaller budgets don’t necessarily mean you can’t bring together a beautiful display of blooms. One way to get the most out of your budget is to consider smaller bouquets made with seasonal flowers and non-floral centerpieces like tiered groupings of candles. Pro tip: Always remember that flowers that need to be flown in from exotic climes always cost more. Using seasonal, local buds across the board is your best bet if you are trying to keep costs down. The good news is that wildflowers are trending big time for weddings, especially if you like that boho-chic vibe.


The ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ mentality can be applied to your wedding florals, too. Ask your floral stylist about reusing the bridal party bouquets from the ceremony as decor at the reception. Quite literally repurpose them in vases on your dining tables to do double duty. Pro tip: Make the bridal bouquet the star of the show and invest the big bucks here. It’s more than OK to request that the bridal party bouquets be smaller and less elaborate if you’re trying to cut costs. And while we’re big fans of ceremony florals—i.e. a sweeping arbor for saying your vows beneath (and taking photos)—you can forgo other large installations like that floral wall. We have it on good authority that this trend is on its way out, anyway.


Again, seasonal flowers are the easiest way to save money and be more environmentally friendly. (Transporting exotics by plane means burning jet fuel and, thus, releasing greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide into earth’s atmosphere and oceans.) But if sustainability is really important to you as a couple, there’s a trend that’s taking hold—and taking green weddings to the next level. Here’s the thing: Cut flowers only last so long. You can take them home or give them to guests but they’ll only last a week at best. Instead, ask your floral designer about potted plants with roots that can be replanted post-reception. We’re seeing this more and more at chic weddings worldwide. Bonus: You can make your wedding floral decor into your wedding favors. Boom.


While dried flowers can be less colorful and fragrant than fresh-cut flowers, they boast beautiful muted and warm tones as well as endless varieties of shape and texture—and they’re perfect for capturing that autumnal vibe should you be planning a fall affair. From exquisite stems and seed pods to textural grasses and flowers, you can incorporate dried flowers throughout your day in bouquets, boutonnieres, headpieces, backdrops, hanging flowers and centerpieces. Plus, if you take good care of them, you can take your dried arrangements home to decorate your love nest, or pay it forward by donating them back to someone else’s wedding who might be up against a tight budget, too.


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