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As any wedding planner worth their salt will tell you, couples should choose food for their celebratory feast that they actually like to eat—food that’s as fun as it is comforting, and as satisfying as it is memory-inducing. And if you’re willing to take an any-ole-day-of-the-week staple you love and elevate it into your wedding fare, you’re bound to be pleasantly surprised by the response.

Take tacos, for example. If you live in Chicago and tacos are your jam, then Big Star is likely already in your restaurant rotation. But did you know they cater weddings, too? From drop-off DIY taco bars complete with all the fresh fixings to full-service catering (think appetizers like single-serve chips and guac, a sprawling taco buffet, a bar boasting bottomless margaritas and flavor-packed desserts like lime macadamia cookies and horchata Rice Krispies treats), a familiar, south-of-the-border spread is a no muss, no fuss way to delight guests.

Photo Credit: Rachel Bires

“Everybody loves tacos,” assures Pam Swisher, Full Service Catering Sales Manager for Big Star (One Off Hospitality). “And with our full-service catering option, our staff are on-site to prep and serve, mix up the margs, and make sure your guests are taken care of from start to finish. Every cocktail will be shaken to perfection, and every taco will taste just as good as they do at our Wicker Park and Wrigleyville restaurants.”

Looking to take the fiesta up a notch? Request the Big Star food truck (a.k.a. “Little Mule”). Ideal for outdoor wedding parties and late-night bites for the road, it’s a finishing touch your guests will be grateful for—especially after throwing back a few tequila shots.

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