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Take a 360 Degree Virtual Tour Today!

At The Zephyr, our top priority is the health and safety of our guests and employees. We would love to get you in to see the venue, but we are closed to the public in light of the recent outbreak and are in the process of writing our People Over Profits Policy. Basically, we will not re-open until the strictest of public safety restrictions have been lifted. These guidelines are ever-changing and we will always plan to follow whichever guideline is the strictest as we value the safety of our staff, clients, potential clients, vendors, and attendees over profits. That's why we are moving over to Virtual Tours!!!

We are now offering full-video tours with a live salesperson online answering any questions you may have with a full 3-D digital view of the space. Click here to schedule a safe virtual tour.

Per our updated cancellation policy, for our clients who put down a deposit and receive a virtual tour you will have the chance to tour the space in-person prior to May 15th and be given a 48-hour period to terminate your agreement and receive your deposit back in FULL. Simply notify us via email.

We will have in-person tour resuming some time after May 1st and one of our representatives will reach out to you directly to schedule one.

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